About Us



Silvertuna Studios is a nyc based production company that specializes in the arts.

Furthering a movement that focuses on capturing these artists in their element recording their genius in action while we share it with the world. As it would normally have never been seen. Whether it's an illegal that got buffed or a piece in a book that would never leave an artist's studio normally, we are going to bring it all out for the world to see just how talented these illusive and prolific nyc Graffiti and street artists are.

Koz has been in the television field for the last decade, and an multi-faceted artist since childhood. Co-owner Fro has a degree from SCAD, his passion was always art, and also has 2 decades experience in television with 11 emmy's to his credit.

Finally getting to film what we love the most. We can't wait to see what the future brings for these artists and the future of the Graffiti and the art world! Please enjoy and don't forget to support local businesses and artists. Thank you for checking out silvertuna studios nyc.