Easy is a world renowned artist who was born in brooklyn in the late 1960’s and raised in Harlem, NYC.

He has a fond interest in music, astronomy, physiology, anatomy and sports. After relocating to Manhattan Easy was initiated into the graffiti his cousin Josh 5, who had a profound influence on him.  Easy was writing the tag “LC” in 1982 before a female classmate gave him the nickname “EASY” because of his smooth demeanor. He immediately shifted his focus to the arts abandoning all the dreams of becoming a baseball player and a doctor. 

Easy began engaging in chalkboard battles with Keith Harring in the MTA subway stations, while EASY was putting his legendary tag up, Keith Harring was drawing his legendary characters battling to see who could cover all of the MTA Chalkboards first. EASY Josh 5 and Joz began painting hundreds of trains on the subway lines and then moved to the streets. They created a historic street movement that influenced decades of artists to come, easy’s iconic tag

became the blueprint for what was considered an iconic hand style. Keeping the entire movement alive while there was a crack down on the painting and vandalizing of MTA trains. Easy’s work has been featured in many music videos featuring artists such as, queen latifah, KRS One and grammy award winner Macklemore to name a few. Even lending his hand style to be used in the hit video game Grand Theft Auto 5.

Most recently Easy has been making the transition to gallery art focusing on his new styles and techniques and applying them to canvases. His work speaks for itself, he was recently asked to be a part of the reconstruction and resurrection of the Late Jean Michel Basquiat’s famed studio in Manhattan. Closed for 30 years, Easy was one of the few artists selected to be a part of the re-opening of this this legendary studio. 

Easy shows no signs of stopping with an arsenal of works that is waiting to be seen by the gallery art world, and he’s only producing more. From the Streets to Galleries Easy does it all. 

Please follow him on his Instagram’s    @Joz_and_Easy    @Easy_and_Joz    @Easy.Artwork